Martin Alianelli Translations

The Language of Business in Any Language ™

Martin Alianelli is an English<>Spanish professional interpreter (spoken word) and translator (writen word), intercultural international business relations expert, casting director/project manager for multilanguage translation and transliteration global projects and former two-term President of the Florida Chapter off the American Translators Association. 
Since 2001 working from a home office, Martin serves the interests of several multinational companies with the assistance of an experienced peer global network of 100+ home-based translator agents in 44 countries. 

Martin's personalized multilanguage service offers a sensible, cost-effective alternative to the high cost of contracting a translation agency due to Martin's:
  1. Lean, cost-effective business model of unmatched agility (answers and service in real time)
  2. Verifiable experience (solid references from long-established clients)
  3. Obvious precision (4,000+ projects completed since 2001)
  4. Low professional fees (Martin and his worldwide agents work from home offices with little overhead).
Privately, Martin volunteers his time, talent and treasure teaching basic language skills to low-income individuals and translating pro-bono for numerous charity organizations. 

Martin is a bilingual/bicultural free-verse poet, amateur singer-songwriter musician, and healthy-living practitioner. You can reach martin at