Martin Alianelli Translations

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Martin Alianelli is a professional translator, intercultural business relations expert, linguist and President of Martin Alianelli Translations. 

Mr. Alianelli is an Active Member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and former two-term President of ATA’s Florida Chapter - active members are those who have passed an ATA certification exam - or - achieved professional status peer recognition through an Active Membership Review.

Mr. Alianelli serves the advertising, commercial & entertainment industries. His clients include advertising agencies, film studios, fast food chains, several music labels, television networks and individual stations around the country.

Mr. Alianelli has been featured in national and international trade publications, radio and television and is frequently invited to speak at universities and other forums. He is currently working on a multi language dictionary of entertainment industry terminology.

Mr. Alianelli volunteers his time, talent and treasure teaching basic language skills to low-income individuals and translating pro-bono for numerous charity and religious organizations. He is a music composer and performing musician, bicycle enthusiast and casual tennis player and lives in Miami with his sweetheart of over 20 years and two teenage children.